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  • PhD, Chemical & Materials Engineering, Princeton University
  • MA, Chemical Engineering, Princeton University
  • BEng & Biosci, Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering, McMaster University

Research Interests

Our group is developing new materials and bottom-up processing strategies to fabricate improved, typically nanocomposite, device components in order to advance technologies in areas such as electrochemical energy storage, energy generation, sensing and separations. We use methods in interfacial engineering to direct the assembly of nanocomposites from a variety of nanomaterial building blocks and molecular precursors such as polymers, surfactants and ionic liquids. Some current research thrusts are:

  • Graphene production and post-processing techniques
  • Directed assembly of 2D nanomaterials at the air-water interface
  • Bottom-up assembly approaches for energy storage, sensing and electrocatalysis

For more details, recent news, and information about our group members, please see the Pope Group Research Website.

Selected References

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Note: Prof. Pope is a new faculty member and has an immediate opening for a graduate student in the area of nanomaterials.

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