The Department of Chemical Engineering has developed a set of safety plans that contain comprehensive protocols and guidelines designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19 among our students, visitors, faculty and staff.

Everyone who enters Engineering 6 (E6) is required to read and follow the guidance outlined in the E6 Building Covid-19 Safety Plan. The remaining chemical engineering safety plans are specific to certain activities you may need to conduct and locations you may need to visit on campus.

Before visiting E6 or the Chemical Engineering labs in the Douglas Wright Engineering Building (DWE) and the Quantum Nano Centre (QNC), please review the relevant safety plans, complete the mandatory COVID-19 training, log your attendance in campus buildings using the automatic or manual Campus Check-In recording options and, for E6 only, sign in when you enter the building each day.

Engineering 6

Douglas Wright Engineering Building

Quantum Nano Centre 

  • QNC Building COVID-19 Safety Plan (Coming Soon)
  • Analytical Lab QNC-4503 COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • UG Lab NE330L COVID-19 Safety Plan (Coming Soon)
  • UG Lab NE454C COVID-19 Safety Plan (Coming Soon)
  • UG Lab NE454D COVID-19 Safety Plan (Coming Soon)

These safety plans are part of the University’s efforts to safely restart campus activities, following public health advice and best practices. See the University’s comprehensive and regularly updated COVID-19 information page for more information.

Your cooperation and strict adherence to these plans will help us all stay safe while continuing to pursue the department’s many educational and research objectives. Thank you for your cooperation.