Welcome to Chemical Process Optimization, Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems

Welcome to The Chemical Process Optimization, Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems Research Group website! This is a group of self-motivated, hard-working graduate and undergraduate students with multi-disciplinary backgrounds that work together with Professor Ricardez-Sandoval in the development and implementation of theoretical and computational-based tools that are aimed at improving the design and operability of chemical systems, including those that evolve at different time and length scales, and to provide new insight or better understanding of industrially-relevant processes.

In particular, the Research Group pursues the development of novel mathematical tools for the optimal design and control of systems under uncertainty, improvement of operation of traditional and state-of-the-art CO2 capture and gasification technologies for power generation with near-zero emissions, providing insight into the operation and control of multiscale systems under uncertainty, and improving the performance of industrially-relevant process through the application of novel process systems engineering tools.

Models are not perfect; therefore, a key aspect in Professor Ricardez-Sandoval’s research is the implementation of uncertainty analyses to assess process variability under uncertainty. Professor Ricardez-Sandoval strongly believes that model uncertainty is essential for designing efficient mathematical tools that can be realistically applied in practice for process improvement.

Research Topics

  1. Nov. 7, 2017Professor Ricardez-Sandoval named NSERC Canada Research Chair
    Luis Ricardez-Sandoval

    Professor Ricardez-Sandoval was recently named NSERC Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems. Professor Ricardez-Sandoval’s CRC is focused on developing new computational tools that can aid in the design of novel products and systems for emerging applications in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors through the use of advanced process systems techniques and modelling methods such as multiscale modelling.  

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