The design and control of a civil and environmental capstone project that shows the design of the greenhouse structure and how the variables inside are controlled

Chemical processes are complex dynamic systems that are typically designed to accomplish a set of goals at minimum cost. To remain competitive, chemical plants must be designed such that they meet product specifications under stringent operational, environmental and safety restrictions in the presence of disturbances and uncertainty in the process parameters. Integration of design and control, also known as simultaneous design and control, has been accepted as an attractive alternative to optimally design chemical systems that can meet the production targets and minimize product variability in the presence of disturbances and parameter uncertainty. Our focus in this research is to develop new practical and efficient methodologies that integrate design and control. Over the years, our group have developed methodologies that have been successfully applied to simultaneously design and control typical chemical processes such as a distillation system or water treatment plants, and large-scale chemical systems such as the Tennessee Eastman process. Recently, we has also developed methodologies that perform the simultaneous design, scheduling and control of multi-product systems under uncertainty.

Sample Research Projects