Process Improvement in CO2 Capture and Gasification Systems

Industrial air pollution with CO2 emissions rising into the atmosphere and changing our climate

Climate change is one of the world's most pressing environmental issues, and has become a leading technology driver for the energy and broader industrial sectors. Greenhouse gas emissions—in particular, carbon dioxide (CO2)—are considered the principal cause of climate change. This is of great concern, as fossil-fired power plants are a leading contributor of CO2 emissions, while being one of the main sources of the world's energy supply.

It has become clear that there is no silver bullet solution to clean energy production; while many initiatives focus on advancing renewable and carbon neutral energy supplies, the future energy portfolio must also consider carbon capture systems that reduce greenhouse emissions from fossil-fired power plants. The aim of my research in this field is to provide insight on the optimal design, operation and control of conventional and advanced CO2capture technologies. Another research avenue that is being currently explored by my group is on developing modelling studies for technologically-advanced gasification systems. 

Sample Research Projects