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Neodymium-60 Anniversary Project

The project and invitation to all

The University of Waterloo is 60 and we want you to help us celebrate! To embrace our inner geek and creative spirit we are asking you to illustrate the 60th anniversary excitement through...wait for it...neodymium, the element with the atomic number 60 (Nd-60).

Our goal is to create a mosaic of artistically expressive tiles incorporating neodymium, Nd-60, that will also reflect in some creative way the University of Waterloo. We call it the Nd-60 Anniversary Project and plan to create a public display on campus.

We invite anyone with a connection to the University of Waterloo to design a square tile that showcases the University of Waterloo and includes the symbol Nd-60. Whether you are a current student, an alumnus, faculty member or staff, donor, supporter or friend, you are an important part of the University of Waterloo story. Celebrate with us.

You are encouraged to let your creativity soar, and use any medium, physical or digital. Variety will make this project a true collaborative success. Teamwork is welcomed. 

You will submit your finished artwork on our Nd-60 Anniversary Project form submission webpage as a scanned or digital image. See the submission page for more information about the submission parameters.

Nd-60 anniversary tiles

Below are examples of Nd-60 anniversary tiles that are early submissions by students and staff in the Faculty of Science.

Neodymium 60 element tile with University of Waterloo logos and datesNeodymium 60 elemental tile with ideas start here colourful words

Neodymium-60 elemental tile with neodymium Bohr diagram and University of Waterloo logos

Neodymium-60 elemental tile with sculpture, building and University of Waterloo 60th anniversary logoNeodymium 60 elemental tile with goose and words

Draw for a prize

Since this is a collaborative project, no one tile will be selected as a winner but we plan to have a random draw of all entries for a $100 gift card from Retail Services on campus.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for submissions has been extended to September 30, 2017.

Project inspiration

The idea came from our New Elements Contest for the Periodic Table Project. We saw the many ways in which students were expressing nihonium Nh-113. Nihon means Japan in Japanese and the tiles typically express some kind of creative cultural or historical connection to Japan - emphasis on creative. A sample of tiles follows but you can see many more on the early submissions page. We thought - let's do this for the University of Waterloo and its 60th!

Nihonium NH 113 elemental tile with cherry blossomsNihonium elemental tile with Japanese symbolsNihonium elemental tile with sun and cherry blossoms
Nihonium elemental tile with Japan flagNihonium Nh 113 elemental tile with sun and templeNihonium elemental tile with cherry blossoms and mushroom cloud
Nihonium elemental tile with cherry blossoms, car, and Zn and Bi symbolsNihonium elemental tile with koi, fan, sun and cherry blossomsNihonium elemental tile with bridge, river, mountains and sun