Outstanding Graduate/Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship Awards

The Outstanding Graduate/Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship Awards have two goals:

  • To formally award outstanding performance made by a teaching assistant.
  • To provide a visible incentive for a teaching assistant to exhibit excellence in their undergraduate instruction.

This award is used to nominate and honour a small number of teaching assistants who display outstanding teaching and mentoring to go beyond what is expected and required of them.

The department would like to solicit nominations from faculty, staff and undergraduate students for both graduate and undergraduate students who have performed extremely well in their duties as teaching assistants throughout the year. A certificate, as well as a letter of recognition will be given to the student and placed in their graduate student file to acknowledge their contributions in the lab and classroom.

A completed form for each student you nominate, with your comments, would be greatly appreciated to help us identify the most deserving students. The academic standing of these students will not be taken into consideration, only their performance as teaching assistants.

Please submit your nomination form to Catherine Van Esch at least two weeks prior to the end of term. Please download the nomination form: Outstanding Graduate/Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship Awards Nomination Form (PDF)