New Elements Contest

The judging process has begun. The contest was to design an elemental tile for each of the four newly named elements, nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts) and oganesson (Og).

Thank you to everyone who participated in the New Elements Contest; we received over 200 submissions from over 40 schools. Chem 13 News Magazine has been posting many of the submissions to the contest on Twitter.

See a compilation of these posted submissions

Top ten

After careful consideration, our University of Waterloo New Elements Team has selected the top ten submissions for each element. 

See Top ten for each: Nihonium Moscovium Tennessine Oganesson

​Final four

We have asked our stakeholders to vote for the final four for each. We have over 20 judges from our original Periodic Table Project sponsors — 3M Canada, JWA Group, Chemical Institute of Canada, University of Waterloo Office of Research, University of Waterloo Department of Chemistry and our own Chem 13 News Editorial Board. Yuri Oganessian was also one of the judges — yes, that Yuri Oganessian!


During the month of May, we will have an online vote to decide which of the final four will be added to our Periodic Table Project. Return and vote!!! Encourage your students and all chemistry enthusiasts to check out the creative work done by high school students. With the final four we will post the description behind the creative process of each tile.  

Contest process in a snapshot

a flow chart to show 200 blocks to 10 blocks to 4 blocks to the final winner

Free Periodic Table Project app (iOS and Android)

Periodic Table Project iconWhile you wait for the announcement, have students download the free app for Apple, Blackberry or Android devices! The app has artistic tiles for each element on the periodic table along with descriptions behind the design. It also has the basic atomic properties of each element for students to readily access. 

Background of Periodic Table Project

In 2011, we invited Chem 13 News’ readers to have their students artistically express an element on a 6” x 6” tile for the Periodic Table Project to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry. In 2013 we had a design contest for flerovium (Fl) and livermorium (Lv). In 2016 there were four newly named elements. 

Read more about the Periodic Table Project

Periodic Table Project with new elements

Periodic Table Project Poster with the four newly named elements in place.