Chemistry student Adrianna D'Sa awarded a HeForShe Impact scholarship

Friday, September 28, 2018

Group image of all six HeForShe scholarship recipients.

Each year, the University of Waterloo awards HeForShe IMPACT scholarships to outstanding first-year students studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. The $12,000 scholarships are part of the University of Waterloo’s commitment to encourage more young minds to pursue careers in STEM, an area where those who identify as women or non-binary groups are currently underrepresented. 

The two Science students who received a scholarship were - Adrianna D'Sa (Chemistry) and Sarah Moser  (Mathematical Physics). The other recipients were: Isemi Ekundayo (Computer Engineering), Lindsay  Toffolo (Computer Science), Megan Lai  (Mechatronic Engineering) and Sally Zhou (Computer Science).

Adrianna D’Sa – Chemistry

Portrait image of Adrianna D'SaFor as long as Adrianna D’Sa can remember, she has always been curious about how the world works. As a child, visiting science museums and creating at-home science experiments were staple activities in the D’Sa household. 

Now 18, D’Sa’s remained intrigued with the world of STEM and the endless possibilities that vast amounts of information and knowledge offer. 

“Professionals in STEM are constantly learning, and they use that knowledge to create things that most people can only dream of,” says D’Sa. “There is never a dull moment when it comes to the field of STEM, as it is constantly evolving and advancing.”

In the future, D’Sa looks forward to creating products that will benefit society, and learning from experienced professionals in the field. 

“To all the women considering STEM, do not be discouraged because it is a male-dominated field,” says D’Sa. “If you love STEM, then pursue it — don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. With hard work and a positive attitude, you can accomplish great things.” 

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