The following information provides a link to the the official calendar course description and detailed course information provided by the departmental description. The details provided by the department are for information only and not to be taken as an official course description.

Course # Course title
First year
CHEM 120 General Chemistry 1 (online only) (Calendar)
General Chemistry 1 additional information (Department)
CHEM 120L General Chemistry Laboratory 1 (Calendar)
General Chemistry Laboratory 1 additional information (Department)
CHEM 123 General Chemistry 2 (Calendar)
General Chemistry 2 additional information (Department)
CHEM 123L General Chemistry Laboratory 2 (Calendar)
General Chemistry Laboratory 2 additional information (Department)
CHEM 140 Introduction to Scientific Calculations (Calendar)
Introduction to Scientific Calculations additional information (Department)
Second year
CHEM 212 Structure and Bonding 1 (Calendar)
Structure and Bonding 1 additional information (Department)
CHEM 221 Multi-Component Analysis (Calendar)
Multi-Component Analysis additional information (Department)
CHEM 224L Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory (Calendar)
Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory additional information (Department)
CHEM 233 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (Calendar)
Fundamentals of Biochemistry additional information (Department)
CHEM 233L Fundamentals of Biochemistry Laboratory (Calendar)
Fundamentals of Biochemistry Laboratory additional information (Department)
CHEM 237 Introductory Biochemistry (Calendar)
Introductory Biochemistry additional information (Department)
CHEM 237L Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory (Calendar)
Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory additional information (Department)
CHEM 254 Introductory Chemical Thermodynamics (Calendar)
Introductory Chemical Thermodynamics additional information (Department)
CHEM 264 Organic Chemistry 1 (Calendar)
Organic Chemistry 1 additional information (Department)
CHEM 265 Organic Chemistry 2 (Calendar)
Organic Chemistry 2 additional information (Department)
CHEM 265L Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1 (Calendar)
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1 additional information (Department)
CHEM 266 Basic Organic Chemistry 1 (online only) (Calendar)
Basic Organic Chemistry 1 additional information (Department)
Fourth year
CHEM 494A/B Research Project (Calendar)
Research Project additional information (Department)

Please see the Program Electives page for information about chemistry electives for students in Chemistry programs.

Please remember that the Undergraduate Calendar is always the official source for all course descriptions.