Chemistry work-term report requirements and instructions

All students in the Honours Chemistry Co-op program and the Honours Biochemistry Co-op program are required to provide a bound hard copy of their work-term report to Julie Shikaze (C2 280) and submit an electronic version of their work report to the Turnitin Work Report Dropbox on LEARN on the 5th day of lectures in the study term that follows their co-op term. Instructions on how to use the Dropbox are posted under the “Content” section of LEARN.

If students want to opt out of the Turnitin submission, they will need to contact Julie Shikaze.  In this case, they will have to submit an electronic copy of the work term report as well as a printed copy of all of the references used in the report. The references from manuscripts, notebooks, journals, websites etc. must have all of the text highlighted that was used to construct their work term report. 

All Chemistry work-term reports must be addressed to the chair of the Chemistry Department. If students have questions about topic selection for their work-term report, please contact Dr. Graham Murphy.

If students are doing a double co-op term, the work-term report(s) are due on the 5th day of lectures in their first study term following the second work term.

Extensions for late submission, with reasons, must be approved by Dr. Stefan Idziak, Professor and Associate Dean for Co-operative Education.

How will Chemistry work-term reports be graded?  

All work-term reports submitted by Chemistry students will be evaluated using the Chemistry Work Term Report Rubric. Chemistry students must follow the specific formatting requirements as outlined in the Chemistry Work Term Report Rubric and the Faculty of Science Work Report Guidelines.

Any report that receives two or more “unsatisfactory” grades in one category of the rubric must be re-submitted within three weeks from the day the resubmission email notice is sent. Failure to resubmit a satisfactory report within this period will result in loss of the work-term report credit for that term.

For this reason students are strongly advised to consult this rubric and the Faculty of Science Work Report Guidelines as they prepare their reports and before they submit them. Students who submit reports with numerous grammatical errors will be required to take supplementary instruction (e.g. attend Writing Centre workshops or take an English writing course).