Chemistry work-term report requirements and instructions

Chemistry and Biochemistry work term reports are submitted online in digital format only. Please upload a digital copy of your work term report (docx or pdf format) to the following portal named Cooperator:

You must also submit a digital copy of your report to the dropbox on LEARN in the Chemistry Work Report site for chemistry students, or the Biochemistry Work Report site for biochemistry students. This is so that we may review your Turnitin score for your report. If you would like to opt out of the Turnitin submission, you will need to contact Julie Shikaze for further instructions so that references may be checked manually. 

Submission sites open on the first day of classes in the term following the completed work term. The deadline for submission is one week from the first day of classes at 6:00 p.m. and the sites will close for submissions at this time.

All Chemistry work-term reports must be addressed to the chair of the Chemistry Department, Dr. Bill Power. If you have questions about topic selection for your work-term report, please contact Dr. Graham Murphy.

If you are currently in your first term of a double work term, you will not be required to submit your report(s) until the study term following your second work term, but you may submit one report after the first term if you wish.

For confidential work term reports, please process the work report as per your arrangement with Dr. Stefan Idziak, Professor and Associate Dean for Co-operative Education. You will not need to provide digital copies to Julie Shikaze in Cooperator and LEARN.

Extensions for late submission, with reasons, must be approved by Dr. Idziak.

Please note that students who started their academic plan in 2015 or later will be still be required to successfully complete three work term reports.

How will Chemistry work-term reports be graded?  

Chemistry students must follow the specific formatting requirements as outlined in the Faculty of Science Work Report Guidelines.

Any report that receives an evaluation of unsatisfactory must be re-submitted within three weeks from the day the resubmission email notice is sent. Failure to resubmit a satisfactory report within this period will result in loss of the work-term report credit for that term.

For this reason students are strongly advised to consult the Faculty of Science Work Report Guidelines as they prepare their reports and before they submit them. Students who submit reports with numerous grammatical errors will be required to take supplementary instruction (e.g. attend Writing Centre workshops or take an English writing course).