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Simone PhilpotI am a PhD student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo. In my research I aim to develop and evaluate a decision support system (DSS) for use in water management. This project allows me to explore my interests in water management, geomatics, and the interface between society and technology in a meaningful, solution oriented fashion. My other interests include social resilience and sustainability, systems approaches, sedimentology, and the philosophy of science.

My past research has been in the field of archaeology. Following undergraduate studies at Trent University, Peterborough, I completed a master's degree in interdisciplinary studies at Concordia University, Montreal. During my MA I examined the role of water management at an ancient Maya site, focusing on methodology, interdisciplinary research, and the role of water management in social change. I hope to build upon this base to develop innovative solutions to contemporary water challenges.

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