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Please check the Events page for a list of upcoming CIV talks! 

What is CIV talks?

  • A forum for graduate students to present topics related to their research to other students within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

  • Each event consists of two or three presentations, with each presentation being 10-15 minutes long. A discussion period to follow each presentation.

  • CIV Talks originated at the University of Toronto. These events had great success, and with the permission of the original creator, CIV TalksUW was initiated at the University of Waterloo in June 2014.

Why should I participate in CIV talks?

  • Learn about exciting and current topics beyond the scope of your own research.

  • Develop your communication and presentation skills in a casual venue and receive feedback from your peers.

  • Ignite a discussion with your peers in a topic that you are passionate about!

Interested in participating?

Email any of our council members!

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