Physical Access

Physical access to the CEE Computer Lab in E2-2340 has been disabled as with most computer labs on campus.

Remote Access

CEE undergraduate students can remotely log on and use these computers using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client. Please see the following URL to learn more about Remote Desktop Connection: Windows 10 systems will already have this client installed. Mac systems may acquire the app via the Apple Store as noted in the above link.

For instructions please see:
For Remote Desktop Frequently Asked Questions please see:

We have fifty-one systems in the lab that use different hostnames to be recognized via the network. They have a prefix of, where ## starts at 01 and ends at 51 (ie. One hostname is:, another ,etc).

Randomly choose a hostname as noted above when connecting with the remote desktop client. When signing in make sure that in the username field you enter NEXUS\userID (The userID is your WatIAM username, NOT your school email account). If you are able to sign in and see a message about someone else already on the system, please try a different system. These resources are finite, so please log out of the system when you no longer need it. If you close the remote desktop client window, this doesn’t log off the computer it simply disconnects, which will make it unavailable for the next user. While logged in, if you right-click on the windows icon in the taskbar you’ll see the option to sign out.

IT Assistance

If you need assistance, please reach out to CEE IT using our ticket request form:

- CEE IT Team