Departmental Health & Safety Committee

CEE maintains a departmental Health and Safety Committee that helps the department to improve health and safety management in following with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and UW Policy 34, Health and Safety Environment. Its members include:

  • Technical Resources Manager/Departmental H&S Coordinator (Management Representative) - Chris Peace
  • Departmental Secretary (Worker Representative) - Amber Beaudoin
  • SM&C Staff Representative (Worker Representative) - Doug Hirst
  • SM&C Faculty Representative (Management Representative) - Hassan Baaj
  • E&WR, GEO and TRANS Staff Representative (Worker Representative) - Mark Sobon
  • E&WR, GEO And TRANS Faculty Representative (Management Representative) - Rebecca Saari
  • Graduate Student Representative SM&C (Worker Representative) - Colin Van Niejenhuis
  • Graduate Student Representative E&WR, GEO & TRANS (Worker Representative) - Andrea Marrocco
  • Each member will serve a term of no less than 3 years with the exception of the Technical Resources Manager and the Departmental Secretary who are permanently appointed to the committee. Committee members can be taken from volunteers within their respective groups (SM&C and E&WR/GEO/TRANS)
  • Students, Staff and Faculty are encouraged to first reach out to their direct supervisor about Health and Safety concerns, incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions and positive H&S occurrences  but are also asked to notify either the Departmental H&S Coordinator or their H&S Committee Members so that these can be shared, tracked and used to improve the H&S culture within the department. 
  • Terms of Reference for the Committee (PDF)