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People profiles

James R. Craig

P. Eng., Associate Professor
Robert Gracie

Robert Gracie

Associate Professor

Dr. Sriram Narasimhan

P. Eng., Professor, Canada Research Chair

Research Interests:

Structural Dynamics Structural Identification and Control Vibration based Signal Processing Earthquake Engineering

Current Sources of Research Funding:

NSERC, OCE and various industrial partners

Dr. Mahesh Pandey

P. Eng., Professor, Industrial Research Chair

Selected Publications:

Mishra, A., Pandey, M.D., Knochenhauer, M., (2010). Probabilistic Safety Criteria and Core Degradation Mechanism. Int. J. Performability Engineering, 6(1), 3-18. Deng, J., Pandey, M.D., (2009). Using partial probability weighted moments and partial maximum entropy to estimate quantiles from censored samples. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 24, 404-417.

Dr. Frank F. Saccomanno

P. Eng., Professor Emeritus

Research Interests:

Transportation of dangerous goods Risk uncertainty Road accident prediction and analysis

Current Sources of Research Funding:

NSERC, Transport Canada, MTO

Dr. John Straube

P. Eng., Associate Professor

John Straube is an Associate Professor joint-appointed to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Architecture at the University of Waterloo. He is also the Principal at RDH Building Science Inc., where he leads forensic investigations, hygrothermal measurement and analysis research projects, and design projects in the areas of low energy building design, highly durable building enclosures, new building materials and systems, and extreme climate buildings.

Dr. Jeffrey S. West

P. Eng., FACI, Professor

Research Interests:

Concrete Materials: use of recycled materials and self-consolidating concrete Modular bridge systems for accelerated construction FRP materials for strengthening of existing concrete and timber structures Strength evaluation of existing concrete and timber structures Automated construction progress tracking

Selected Publications:

Dr. Michele Van Dyke

Research Associate

Research Interests:

Pathogen occurrence in watersheds Removal and treatment of microorganisms by water disinfection strategies

Contact Dr. Michele Van Dyke.

Lorraine Quast

Administrative Assistant to the Chair


Coordinate Chair's schedule Faculty recruitment, DACA process and new Faculty orientation Adjunct, cross, sessional and Faculty appointments Reimbursements (not research related)

Shirley Springall

Administrative Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Studies - Civil


Midterm, final exam & Undergraduate course scheduling Text Books Civil Undergraduate program inquiries & advising TA/CA inquiries URI’s, NSERC & USRA’s

Anne M. Allen

Technologist - Geotechnical Engineering


Teaching of Geotechnical Undergraduate labs

Assistance with other Undergraduate labs within Civil & Environmental Engineering

Assistance with Research related to the Geotechnical discipline

Rania Al-Hammoud

Graduate Attributes Lecturer

Research Interests:

Rehabilitation and Durability of Concrete Structures Advanced Materials such as Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) Design and rehabilitation of infrastructure specifically bridges Reliability and Risk Assessment of Structures Active Learning in Engineering Education

Current Sources of Research Funding:

University of Waterloo Start-up fund

Selected Publications:

Mark Merlau

Technologist - Environmental Engineering


  Instruction of undergraduate Water Quality labs.   Technical support for teaching and research activities.   Assistance with the design of experimental set-ups.   Operation and troubleshooting of lab equipment.   Maintain stock of chemicals and lab supplies.

Eleanor Clarke

Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies - (ArchE)


ArchE scheduling (Undergraduate courses) ArchE undergraduate program inquiries & advising ArchE marketing, communications & recruitment ArchE website & calendar

Cory Zurell



Jessica Rossi

Acting Research Administration Assistant - CPATT


Lisa Schneider

Administrative Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Studies - EnvE & GeoE


Scheduling (Undergraduate courses) EnvE & GeoE Undergraduate program inquiries & advising Undergraduate marketing, communications & recruitment Undergraduate website & calendar

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