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Dr. Mahesh Pandey

P. Eng., Professor, Industrial Research Chair

Selected Publications:

Mishra, A., Pandey, M.D., Knochenhauer, M., (2010). Probabilistic Safety Criteria and Core Degradation Mechanism. Int. J. Performability Engineering, 6(1), 3-18. Deng, J., Pandey, M.D., (2009). Using partial probability weighted moments and partial maximum entropy to estimate quantiles from censored samples. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 24, 404-417.

Dr. Frank F. Saccomanno

P. Eng., Professor Emeritus

Research Interests:

Transportation of dangerous goods Risk uncertainty Road accident prediction and analysis

Current Sources of Research Funding:

NSERC, Transport Canada, MTO

Dr. Jeffrey S. West

P. Eng., FACI, Professor

Research Interests:

Concrete Materials: use of recycled materials and self-consolidating concrete Modular bridge systems for accelerated construction FRP materials for strengthening of existing concrete and timber structures Strength evaluation of existing concrete and timber structures Automated construction progress tracking

Selected Publications:

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