Dr. Liping Fu

P. Eng., Professor

Research Interests:

  • Winter Maintenance Operations
  • Highway Safety and Risk Analysis
  • Traffic and Transit Operations Control under Real-time Information
  • Vehicle Routing and Scheduling in Dynamic and Stochastic Traffic Networks
  • Adaptive Signal Control under Real-time Information
  • Development of On-line and Off-line Routing and Scheduling Systems for Dial-A-Ride Paratransit Systems
  • Planning and Evaluation of Intelligent Paratransit Systems.
  • Estimation of Travel Times in Dynamic and Stochastic Traffic Networks
  • Shortest Path Algorithms for ITS Applications

Current Sources of Research Funding:

  • MTO
  • Transport Canada
  • Aurora Program
  • Landscape Ontario
  • Region of Waterloo
  • City of Oakville
  • City of Burlington
  • Salt Institute
  • SIMA
  • Go Transit
  • Miovision
  • Mitacs

Selected Publications:

  1. Heydari, S., Miranda-Moreno, L.F., Lord, D., Fu, L. (2014). Bayesian methodology to estimate and update safety performance functions under limited data conditions: A sensitivity analysis. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 64, 41-51.
  2. Kwon, T. J., & Fu, L. (2013). Evaluation of alternative criteria for determining the optimal location of RWIS stations. Journal of Modern Transportation, vol. 21., pp 17-27
  3. Miranda-Moreno, L.F., Heydari, S., Lord, D., Fu, L. (2013). Bayesian road safety analysis: Incorporation of past evidence and effect of hyper-prior choice. Journal of Safety Research, 46, 31-40.
  4. Kwon, T. J., Fu, L., & Jiang, C. (2013). Effect of Winter Weather and Road Surface Conditions on Macroscopic Traffic Parameters, accepted for publication in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, National Research Council. Washington D.C.
  5. Usman, T., Fu, L., & L. F. Miranda-Moreno, (2012). A Disaggregate Model for Quantifying the Safety Effects of Winter Road Maintenance Activities, at an Operational Level. Accepted for publication in Accident Analysis & Prevention (Accepted in Feb 2012) (Accepted in 2012)
  6. Bagheri, M., F. Saccomanno, & Fu, L. (2012). Modeling Hazardous Materials Risks for Different Train Make-Up Plans. Accepted for publication in Transportation Research (Part E) (Accepted in Feb., 2012) (Accepted in 2012)
  7. Eluru, N., Bagheri, M., Miranda-Moreno, L. F., & Fu, L. (2012). A latent class modelling approach for identifying vehicle driver injury severity factors at highway-railway crossings. Accepted for publication in Accident Prevent and Analysis.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • Canadian Urban Transit Association
  • Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta

Courses Taught:

  • CIVE 224  -  Probability and Statistics
  • CIVE 342  -  Transport Principles and Applications
  • CIVE 400  -  Civil Engineering Project 1&2
  • CIVE 444  -  Urban Transport Planning
  • CIVE 640  -  Urban Transportation Planning Models: Principles & Applications
  • CIVE 643  -  Fundamentals of Traffic Flow Theory
  • CIVE 744  -  Transportation Networks: Models, Algorithms and Computer Applications
University of Waterloo
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