Dr. Wayne J. Parker

P. Eng., Professor, Director of Centre for Control of Emerging Contaminants (CCEC)

Research Interests:

  • Anaerobic membrane bioreactors for wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Fate of emerging contaminants in wastewater systems
  • Pretreatment of sludges for enhanced digestion
  • Advanced sludge digestion processes
  • Nutrient recovery from wastewater

Current Sources of Research Funding:

  • Canadian Water Network
  • WERF
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Halton Region
  • York Region

Selected Publications:

  1. Parker W.J., Pileggi V., Seto P., Chen X, Ogunlaja M., Van Der Kraak G., Parrott J.  (2014) Impact of Activated Sludge Configuration and Operating Conditions on In Vitro and In Vivo Responses and Trace Organic Compound Removal, Science of the Total Environment, 490, pp 360-369
  2. Gillian Burger, Wayne Parker (2013) Investigation of the Impacts of Thermal Activated Sludge Pretreatment and Development of a Pretreatment Model, Water Research 47(14) pp 5245- 5256
  3. Wojnarowicz P., Ogunlaja O., Chen X., Parker W., Helbing C. (2013)  Impact of Wastewater Treatment Configuration and Seasonal Conditions on Thyroid Hormone Disruption and Stress Effects in Rana catesbeiana Tailfin, Environmental Science & Technology, 47, pp 13840-13847
  4. Zamanzadeh M., Parker W., Verastegui Y., Neufeld J. (2013) Biokinetics and bacterial communities of propionate oxidizing bacteria in phased anaerobic sludge digestion systems, Water Research, 47(4) pp1558-69
  5. M. Dagnew, W. Parker, P. Seto (2012) Anaerobic membrane bioreactors for treating waste activated sludge: Short term membrane fouling characterization and control tests, Journal of Membrane Science, 421-422, pp 103-110.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Professional Engineers of Ontario
  • Water Environment Association of Ontario
  • Water Environment Federation
  • International Water Association
  • Canadian Society of Civil Engineers

Courses Taught:

  • ENVE 472 - Wastewater Treatment
  • CIVE 400 - Civil Engineering Project 1
  • CIVE 771 - Biological Wastewater Treatment: Theory and Practice
University of Waterloo
Contact information: 

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