Reep Green Solutions: trail-blazing local action

In 1999, Waterloo faculty members Paul Parker, Ian Rowlands and Daniel Scott along with Elora Environment Centre, founded the Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) to share their climate expertise and drive local climate action. Twenty years later, this non-profit startup, now called Reep Green Solutions, has delivered 16,000 residential energy evaluations and more than 5,000 low-income lighting upgrades in the Region of Waterloo. The retrofits completed have saved an estimated 27,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Over the years, more than 100 students from the University of Waterloo have worked with this organization. Reep Green Solutions continues to combine academic research with practical action in the community, to make sustainable living the norm.

Reep Green Solutions logoVisit the Reep Green Solutions website for more information on this amazing environmental charity.