Partner Research Groups

Canadian Cryospheric Information Network 

The Canadian Cryospheric Information Network (CCIN) and the Polar Data Catalogue (PDC) have been developed over the past two decades through collaborative partnerships between the University of Waterloo and numerous government, university, and private organizations to provide the data and information management infrastructure for the Canadian cryospheric community. The CCIN/PDC team is located in the 'Climate Cluster' area in EV1-244.

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) is focused on operationalizing practical and cost-effective climate change adaptation practices to engage governments, business sectors and individual Canadians. To this end, the ICCA is focused on knowledge mobilization, developing new adaptation ideas, conducting research, and promoting initiatives aimed at de-risking the negative impacts of a changing climate and extreme weather.

The ICCA’s home is the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. The establishment of the ICCA was made possible through the leadership, vision and generosity of Intact Financial Corporation, a long-time partner and donor to the University of Waterloo. In November 2015, Intact announced a gift of $4.25 million to support the ICCA's mission and goals.

Partners for Action

Initiated by The Co-operators Group Ltd. and Farm Mutual RePartners for Action (P4A) is an applied research network that is working to advance flood resiliency in Canada in the face of a changing climate. 
P4A uses a collaborative approach that brings together a diverse set of stakeholders from business, government and non-governmental organizations to create and share knowledge, address information needs, and drive action to better manage the risks posed by flooding.