IC3 Areas of Concentration and Expertise

Climate/Earth Systems Science Impacts, Adaptation & Vulnerability Mitigation Solutions
Cryospheric Change Detection Community-Based Vulnerability Assessment* Community & Corporate Mitigation Action Plans*
Cryosphere Interactions with Global Climate System Adaptation Decision-Making & Governance* Green Grids*
Hydroclimate-Relevant Remote Sensing Adaptation Planning in Canadian Municipalities* Residential Sector Mitigation*
Advanced Data-Model Visualization Applications Climate Ethics, Geopolitics & Security NAFTA Mitigation Governance
Ecosystems, Water and Biogeochemical Cycling and Feedbacks to Climate Change Transportation*, Insurance, Tourism*, Water* Sector Vulnerability Global Tourism Sector Emissions, Policy and Mobility*
Extratropical Teleconnections and Seasonal-to-Decadal Climate Variability Limits of Adaptation* Carbon Capture & Storage
  Business, Finance, Insurance & Risk  
  Climate Compatible Development*  

* IPCC Contributions