Research and publications

The Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) is the University of Waterloo's focal point for interdisciplinary climate change research, training, and knowledge mobilization.

IC3 Publications

Magazine: Climate Change at the University of Waterloo (2020)

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Brochure: Climate Change at the University of Waterloo (2020)

Climate change brochure cover

Brochure: Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change  (2019)

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Climate Change Research

IC3 works alongside Waterloo’s researchers, centres, programs, and students to capture the breadth of climate change knowledge and research across campus.

IC3's Climate Centre Research website features research stories, articles, and publications from our diverse group of members in a variety of climate change themes.

Climate Change and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic holds profound lessons for climate change. IC3 is collecting and curating a wide range of expert insights and published resources from our Waterloo colleagues and the broader climate change community.