Climate Students

Climate Students.

Climate Students is the Waterloo Climate Institute's student-led group. The group facilitates research, education, and action on climate change at the University of Waterloo, in the community, and on the global stage.

The group is an evolution of the University of Waterloo Coalition for Sustainable Development (UWCSD) that was organized in 2013 to promote student participation and engagement at COP19 held in Warsaw, Poland.

Group objectives

  • Enhance the capacity of the Waterloo Climate Institute. 
  • Connect and engage students in innovative, tangible interdisciplinary activities related to climate change, both on and off-campus.
  • Encourage participation in local, national, and international climate change focused events and conferences which support our mission.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between students, academic institutions, government, and community organizations, in pursuit of joint research and action opportunities.
  • Co‐ordinate internal and external information exchange through public seminars, technical workshops, and other activities.
  • Host social events and activities open to all students and faculty to meet and interact with their peers.

Meet the team


Xenia Medvedeva
Position: Graduate President
Program: PhD candidate in Chemistry and Nanotechnology, third year

I joined Climate Students to be a part of the community that strives to build a better future for all of us. I wanted to see different perspectives of the problem, and I knew that Climate Students is a great platform to learn from others and share my knowledge.


Sarah Mazen
Position: Undergraduate President
Program: Health Studies, 4A
I joined Climate Students because of their ability to engage students in climate change action, ranging from within the UWaterloo community to a global scale. Through Climate Students I hope to gain a better understanding on the intersecting inequities caused by climate change.


Alice Sandiford
Position: Undergradate President
Program: 4B ARBUS

I've always been interested in climate change education, and wanted to join a club that helped students understand impacts it will have on the workforce and world they're entering. I love the multidisciplinary nature of this club and the range of event types that we offer for all students!


Jerika Sanderson 
Position: Graduate Vice President 
Program: PhD Candidate in English, third year 

I first became involved with Climate Students as the Graduate Communications Director to support a student-run environmental group. In my current role as Graduate Vice President, I hope to collaborate with other campus groups and organize events to engage the UWaterloo community in discussions about climate change and sustainability.


Meagan Doan
Position: Undergraduate Vice President
Program: Geography and Environmental Management (GEM), fourth year
I joined climate students to meet people with the same interest and passion I have about climate change adaptation and resilience. 


Srishanth Srikumar
Position: Graduate Communications Director
Master’s of Climate Change (2021-2022) MSc (2022-2024)

I joined Climate Students to support the mobilization of knowledge towards climate change and sustainability on campus.


Ava Pettingill
Position: Undergraduate Communications Director
Program: Environment and Business, 1B

I joined Climate Students because I am passionate about helping the environment by educating others on environmental issues and what they can do to help.


Kirti Nemani
Position: Graduate Events and Engagement Director
Program: PhD (Water), Civil and Environmental Engineering, fourth year

I joined Climate Students as I wanted to collaborate with a dynamic and diverse group of students and work towards events and opportunities that encourage a conversation about climate change, its impacts, and the road ahead.


Evan Leeson
Position: Undergraduate Events and Engagement Director
Arbus, 4A

I joined Climate Students because I wanted to meet new people who were passionate about addressing one of todays biggest problems. 


Harvir Sidhu
Position: Undergraduate Finance Director
Program: Environmental Engineering, 3A

I’m excited to join climate students because I’m passionate about sustainable, community-focused projects!

3 ways to get involved

  1. Follow @climatestudents on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  2. Subscribe to our mailing list to learn and attend upcoming events.

  3. Volunteer on the group's executive.

Have questions or ideas? Email us!

Historical highlights

Student members of the UWCSD delegation and former institute Associate Director, Sarah Brown, meeting with Elizabeth May during the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw in November 2013. Photo courtesy Fatin Chowdhury.

Climate Students group meeting to organize COP21 related events on campus.

A Student Colloquium was organized yearly in 2009, 2010 and 2011 to showcase student research and raise awareness about climate change. The latter goal was emphasized in 2011 when the Colloquium was held as part of a larger effort to host a Climate Change Awareness week.