Simon Glauser

Simon Glauser

Managing Director

Simon Glauser is the managing director of the Waterloo Climate Institute. He oversees the strategic planning and operations, and the development of the organization’s membership and partnerships.

Chantal Vallis

Chantal Vallis

Communications Officer

Chantal Vallis is the communications officer at the Waterloo Climate Institute. She has previously worked at the Student Success Office and has a background in Global Development Studies and English Language and Literature (BAH) from Queen's University. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Natalie's headshot

Natalie Heldsinger

Communications Officer (on leave)

Natalie Heldsinger is the communications officer at the Waterloo Climate Institute. She has a background in Communication Studies and French (BA) and Environmental Studies (MES).

Climate data management unit

Greg Vey

Director, Climate and Environment Information Systems; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Management

Greg Vey is the Director of Climate and Environment Information Systems for the Waterloo Climate Institute as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, at the University of Waterloo. His role involves the strategic planning of data architecture and infrastructure, with particular attention to data interoperability and FAIR data standards. He oversees operations for the Polar Data Catalogue and Canadian Cryospheric Information Network, which involve strong cross-institutional collaborations through initiatives such as the Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability.

Chantelle Verhey

Data Steward, Polar Data Catalogue

Chantelle Verhey is a data steward for the Canadian Cryospheric Information Network/Polar Data Catalogue (PDC). She has a Masters of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Reading in the UK. As part of her work with the PDC, Chantelle is collaborating with the Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability work on progressing polar semantics.

Waleed Qaisar Ashfaq

Information Systems Specialist

Waleed Qaisar Ashfaq is an information systems specialist for Polar Data Catalogue (PDC). His role involves supporting various initiatives and collaborations undertaken with CCIN/PDC partners.