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Co-operative education is synonymous with the University of Waterloo. It’s one of the innovations that the University was founded on nearly 60 years ago. Today, our incomparable co-operative education program is the reason 70% of incoming undergraduate students choose Waterloo.

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  1. Feb. 4, 2019Public Health Student Lands Co-op Job at P4E Job FairMarika Frank

    By Jillian Smith, Communications and Marketing Associate, Co-op Student

    When Marika Frank first walked into RIM Park on Job Fair day, she had no idea that she would be meeting her future supervisor.

  2. Jan. 24, 2019How to quickly build a productive working relationship with your new bossGloria Eid, Student Advisor

    By Gloria Eid, Student Advisor for co-op students working in Western Canada

    What does it take to set up a clear, open working relationship with your boss when you’re new to the job?

    I’ve met with over 300 co-op students on their work terms in the past two years, and I discover time and time again that the difference for those who have an engaged, supportive working relationship with their managers is that they discuss expectations and communication styles early on in their work term.

  3. Dec. 20, 2018Health Studies co-op student saves a lifeCo-op student Jashandeep Sohal is presented with an award by her employers, Rex and Meera Mohamed

    During her first year of studies, Jashandeep Sohal volunteered at the Waterloo Walk-in Clinic, one of 17 medical clinics that comprise the family-owned business founded by Rex Mohamed and his wife Meera.

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