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Welcome Waterloo co-op students

Co-operative education is synonymous with the University of Waterloo. It’s one of the innovations that the University was founded on nearly 60 years ago. Today, our incomparable co-operative education program is the reason 70% of incoming undergraduate students choose Waterloo.

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  1. July 18, 2018What really goes on during a co-op interview day

    By Tiffany Liu

    What goes on in TC day-to-day you ask? How do employers get set up in their respective interview rooms? How do the correct students get paged to their interviews? How does manning the call centres work?

  2. July 5, 2018Waterloo Pharmacy celebrates Costco, long-time supporter of the SchoolWaterloo Pharmacy honours Costco

    By Alana Rigby

    Co-op is what makes Waterloo Pharmacy unique: we’re the only co-operative education pharmacy school in Canada. Offering a co-op program is challenging and requires the support of the pharmacist community all across the country. Without employers to consistently hire students and offer invaluable learning opportunities, our program would not be possible.

  3. June 20, 2018Who’s who? Your guide to WaterlooWorks contacts

    By Tiffany Liu

    I’ve been in this scenario many times and I imagine you have too. You have a question or concern about co-op so you log in to WaterlooWorks and see the list of contacts on your menu page. There’s a person’s name beside each job title but the title is abbreviated and you don’t know what any of them stand for. You pick one and hope for the best.

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