2011 Co-op Student of the Year at work

Internal partners

Centre for Career Action

  • The Centre for Career Action’s mission is to educate and motivate all Waterloo students (regular and co-op) and alumni to develop and take action to achieve current and future career goals.
  • This is accomplished through high quality in-person and online services in partnership with students, alumni, employers, faculty, and staff.

WatPD (Waterloo Professional Development Program)

  • WatPD is a Professional Development Program that strives to enhance the overall learning experience of co-op students by providing engaging and relevant online courses, which improve their employability and workplace productivity.

WatPD Engineering (Waterloo Professional Development Program Engineering)

  • Waterloo Engineering, in partnership with WatPD, offers an innovative, second generation, online professional development program for engineering students.
  • Engineering students take two mandatory WatPD Engineering courses and then take three elective courses from the WatPD Program.

WatCACE (Waterloo Centre for the Advancement of Co-operative Education)

  • WatCACE is designed to capture and share some of the best practices of work-integrated learning through the conduct, facilitation, and application of research, and to increase our understanding of co-op as a pedagogical model and the consequences of the co-op experience for students.

2,200+people engaged by WatCACE in research related to co-op

Enterprise Co-op

  • Enterprise Co-op offers advice on starting your own business to undergraduates who are interested in creating their own business full-time, during a summer term, or on a co-op work term.
  • Enterprise Co-op offers an initiative (E Co-op) in which you can earn a co-op work term credit.
  • For further information on E Co-op, please the Enterprise Co-op website.

Co-op Students’ Council (CSC)

  • CSC gives co-op students like you, the opportunity to provide feedback and input to Co-operative Education’s policies and procedures.
  • CSC includes representatives from each of the six faculties, the FEDS Vice President, and a Co-operative Education representative.

The Problem Lab

  • The Problem Lab and Co-operative Education work with employers to identify important problems for a team of co-op students to address on their work terms.
  • We also offer recognition awards for problem analysis by co-op students.

External partners