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Co-operative Education Self-study Guide

The Co-operative Education Self-study Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to support post-secondary institutions, namely representatives from units providing co-operative education, career services, or disability supports. It is intended to facilitate a process of reflection and collaboration that will strengthen strategic planning efforts to enhance accessibility in a way that is visible and tangible for students. The Guide was developed Jennifer Gillies and Andrew Brunet, members of the Waterloo Co-op Accessibility Team (WatCAT).

The Guide is dynamic in nature. It will continue to refine and grow as we receive feedback and identify tools and resources.

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Co-operative Education Self-study Guide (PDF)

Goals of the Guide

  • Help leaders create or enhance a culture of accessibility that is visible and tangible for students
  • Assist staff to collectively reflect on and identify barriers that may impact co-op process experiences for students with disabilities
  • Assist staff to remove any arbitrary barriers
  • Inform staff on best practices for allowing students improved access to resources and supports in a dignified and systemic manner
  • Allow staff to apply important information from Ontario’s Accessible Employment standards
  • Provide tips and strategies for employers on how to reach beyond compliance by creating inclusive opportunities and work for all co-op student employees.

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