Review terms and conditions

Before submitting your arranged own job form, review the following terms and conditions:

  • The information being submitted, including any international required corresponding documentation, must be submitted no later than seven calendar days after the first day of my employment or no credit will be provided for the work term in question. 
  • The submission of this information does not guarantee credit for employment.
  • If I have worked for the employer previously as a UW Co-op student then I should contact my student advisor as this form might not be required if I am returning to the same employer.
  • If I am arranging a work term with two different employers I will need to fill out a form for each employer and the forms will not be considered until both are received. 

What you will need to complete the Arranged own Job (AOJ) form:

  • Employer details including supervisor name, department, building, email and phone number (website address if possible) 
  • Job details including  start/end date, job description, and how much you will be paid
  • If this position is unpaid or underpaid and located in Canada or the USA, you will need to provide details of any alternative remuneration/ alternative compensation you are receiving. Your job needs to fall within the unpaid guidelines  in order to be considered for credit.
  • If the job is located in the USA or internationally, you will need to:
    • complete a Risk Management form by logging into WaterlooWorks and selecting 'Submit a form' from your dashboard panel. Select the category 'International'. Next select the sub-category risk management form for work in USA or internationally. 
    •  If you are not a citizen of the country you will be working in, you will need to provide your visa sponsor. Be sure to review the steps for an Arranged own international job.
    • International opportunities will not be considered if Global Affairs Canada has assigned your work term location (either country or region) with an "Avoid non-essential travel" or "Avoid all travel" travel warning prior to the commencement of your work term. In addition, in areas where risk is high, granting the student permission to travel there for work term credit will be at the discretion of the Executive Director, Co-operative Education (or designate). Review our travel advisory page for details. 

AOJ Form approval process 

​The phases for the AOJ form approval process and the possible form statuses are described below. Note if your job is declined, you can edit your form and re-submit if something changes. 

1. Job submission

Students submit an arrange own job form on WaterlooWorks. Students who are participating in a multiple employer flexible work term, will need to complete a second arrange own job form for the second employer. Advisors (work term support - WTS) review the forms once submitted. Students may be contacted to provide further information.

Form status: 

  • Under review - the form has been received and its review has begun
  • On hold - pending more information - Student will be contacted to provide more information

2. Job acceptance

The student's advisor (work term support - WTS) determines whether the job meets the work-term criteria and is co-op credit worthy. Students will be notified if the job is not accepted. If the job is deemed credit-worthy approval is not granted until the job is confirmed with the employer.

Form status:

  •  Job content accepted - pending employer confirmation - Form was reviewed and job content was determined credit-worthy
  • Job declined - job not accepted - Student will be notified that the job content was not accepted for credit 

3. Job verification

Employers will be contacted to validate and verify the information provided by the student. Once the job details have been verified, the job will be approved. 

Form status:

  • Employer confirmation in progress - In process of confirming work details with employer 
  • On hold - pending employer confirmation  - Employer was contacted and staff are waiting for employer to verify employment details or submit required documentation
  • Job declined - job not accepted - Student will be notified that the job content was not accepted for credit as the employer did not agree with the job details
  • Job declined - no response from employer/student - No response from employer or student within a reasonable time frame

4. Job registration

Only jobs that are approved will be registered in WaterlooWorks. Students will be notified once their job is registered. Their employment status will be changed to UJ or US. An exception to this is if the job is submitted during main match while the student has active applications in WaterlooWorks, the job will be added to the student's ranking form after the job is registered. In this case, the student's status will stay at UI until  match day. 

Form status:

  • Job approved - Employment details verified and job is approved. The status is updated to Complete once the job is registered on WaterlooWorks. 

Other statuses:

  • Cancelled/Withdrawn - form was cancelled / withdrawn by student or staff for various reasons