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There are three blocks of time each term for employer interviews (Pharmacy interviews usually take place during the first and second blocks of time).

First interview cycle

Start of cycle Details
  • Beginning of the second month of the academic term, continues for four weeks.
  • Preceded by job posting periods during the first month of the term
  • Cycle ends with a ranking and job match.

Continuous interview cycles

Start of cycle Details
  • After the first interview cycle - continues into the first week of final exams.
  • Daily, two-day job postings begin a week before interviews start and continue into the second month of the work term
  • Cycles are shorter.
  • Three interview days for each ranking cycle, usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Matches on Fridays.

Interviews during and after exams

Start of cycle Details
  • Second week of final exams - continues until the end of the second month of the work term.
  • Two-day job postings continue into the second month of the work term.
  • Interviews usually off-campus at employer’s location or at TC by telephone or Skype.
  • No computer matches; employers verbally offer employment to successful candidates.

Meeting with your student advisor after interview cycles

If you receive a job match and you would like to discuss your future employer or work location, please contact your student advisor directly. 

Once you are hired, your work-term information, including the name of your Student Advisor, will appear on your WaterlooWorks dashboard in a new section called 'Hire Waterloo Co-op'. Use the 'Send a message to your advisor' button in that section to connect with your upcoming Student Advisor. 

You will hear back from your advisor by the end of the next business day after you contact them.