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Interview process and procedures

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​Interviews are a critical factor in the job search process. Review the interview skills module of CareerHub to learn best practices for successful interviews.


Commitment to interviews

Once you’ve applied to jobs in JobMine, you’re committed to all interviews you receive.

You’re expected to conduct yourself professionally and with integrity.


Withdrawing from interviews

These are the only cases in which you can be removed from interviews:

  • Prior to the start of the first interview cycle (up to 4:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the first day of interviews)
    • to return to a previous employer or
    • to accept an arranged own job if it has not been posted in JobMine
  • During the first interview cycle
    • first work term students only, to accept an arranged own job if the arranged own job has not been posted in JobMine
  • During the continuous interview cycle postings, interviews, and job matches, up to 4:00 p.m. the business day prior to your interview.
  • Anytime after the final continuous interview cycle match date while jobs are still being posted


Interview procedures

Individual interview

  • Interview time is listed in JobMine under Interviews.
  • Interview location, is also listed under ​Interviews, but will not be shown until the day prior to the interview.

If you have an in-person interview in the Tatham Centre:

  1. arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled interview time
  2. find a seat in the waiting area (Ground Level)
  3. watch for your name to appear on the overhead monitors
  4. when your name appears, report to the Paging Desk
  5. after checking in at the Paging Desk, proceed to the interview room

Check in before your interview

We need to know you showed up for the interview. If you do not check in when your name appears or is called, Co-op Education staff can't account for your attendance. Your name will be added to the "Missed Interview" list and you will be contacted with instructions.

Group interview

  • If you have a group interview, go to the room directly five minutes before the group interview.
  • Your name will not appear on the overhead monitors for group interviews.

Phone or video/Skype interview

Phone and video interviews normally take place on-campus in TC at one of our three call centres. Make note of the time and the room number.

  • If your scheduled room number is TC 2203-17, or TC 2201 A-L proceed directly to the Call Centre, on the second level.
  • If the room number is TC 0201 or TC 0208, proceed to the Call Centre on the lower level.
  • Your name will not appear on the television monitors for telephone or video/Skype interviews.


Contacting employers after interviews and matches 

  • Don’t contact employers to re-arrange interview times or dates. Contact the Information Centre if you have an interview conflict.
  • Don’t call an employer directly to discuss the interview process or to discuss rankings
  • If an employer contacts you, you don't have to share your ranking choices. Instead, we suggest that you refer the employer to Co-operative Education policies.
  • When you’re matched with a job, prepare a letter of acceptance (i.e., to acknowledge your employment match, confirm your understanding of the salary and the start date, etc.) and send it to your employer by e-mail.


Interview conflicts

Individual interview conflicts

If you have an interview conflict (i.e., more than one interview is scheduled for you at the same time, or if you have a conflict with an exam), try to switch time slots with another candidate:

  1. Look up other student names on the interview schedule on JobMine.
  2. Find the students’ email addresses on WatIAM and send an email requesting a switch.
  3. If you’re successful, make the switch in JobMine before 11:59 p.m. two days prior to the interview date.
  4. If the switch is made after this time, the person who initiated the switch should complete the Confirmation of
    Interview Time Change form

If you can't resolve your individual interview conflict:

  1. Complete an Interview Conflict Form
  2. Contact the Information Centre, Ground Level, TC if you have any questions.
  • provide an explanation of the conflict
  • request for the employer to accommodate your interview in another way
  • the completed form will be explained to your employer. The employer will be asked for a response, which is delivered to the Paging Desk or the appropriate Call Centre.
  • you can then check in at the Paging Desk or the appropriate Call Centre on the interview day for the employer’s response.

Group interview conflicts

If you have more than one group interview scheduled at the same time, attend the one you’re more interested in.

If possible, let the interviewer of the other group interview know before their session begins that, due to a conflict, you can’t attend their group session, but you’ll be attending the individual interview later.

If you’re unable to inform the other employer, fill out an Interview Conflict Form.



Disregard interviews once you have a job match

Once a job match appears for you in JobMine, don’t attend any additional interviews (including those on the same day as your job match).

Where possible, alternate candidates will be contacted to take your place. Co-operative Education staff will inform interviewers that you’re no longer available.


Your rights during interviews

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) publishes a chart that illustrates the type of questions that are appropriate for interviews.

The following categories have restrictions:

  • birthplace, ancestry, ethnic origin, and place of origin
  • sex, sexual orientation, marital status, and family statues
  • age, race, and colour
  • citizenship, religion, faith, beliefs
  • education
  • record of offences
  • handicaps
  • references
  • membership in an organization

Although it’s the responsibility of the interviewer to know the law, they may not be aware. Be informed about your rights. For more information, contact the OHRC.

How do you respond to an employer who asks you a prohibited question? 

  • Respond with the question, “Why do you ask?” This may cause the employer to clarify the question. Your response may offend some employers.
  • State, “I don’t feel obligated to answer that” or “that question is inappropriate.” You have the right to contact the OHRC if you feel that you’ve been discriminated against.


Off-campus interviews

Your attendance and professional participation in all interviews is required. We recognize that our student population is located on different campuses; therefore, every effort is made to bring employers to the most appropriate on-campus location(s) for you. We also recognize that some employers may choose, or be required, to conduct their interviews away from campus.

Some employers will know in advance and will state the location of their interviews in their job descriptions. You are required to attend any
off-campus interviews where this has occurred.  For other employers,
last-minute circumstances may cause a change to the location of their interviews due to space constraints at the Tatham Centre.  In the event that you are unable to attend a scheduled interview in a location away from campus (and the location was not clearly indicated in the job description), please submit an
Interview Conflict Form as soon as possible to explain why you are unable to attend your scheduled interview.  Where possible, staff in CECA will work with you and the employer to make alternate arrangements.

Note: In the case of a conflict between attending same-day interviews both on- and off-campus, scheduled on-campus interviews take priority over off-campus interviews.  North campus buildings (e.g., RAC) are considered to be on-campus.


Missing employer interviews

You’re required to attend all interviews granted to you through JobMine, with some exceptions as mentioned above in the off-campus interview section. without taking the steps listed under “Interview Conflicts” above, the following consequence may take place:

  • suspension of your access to the job application process in JobMine

Employers take the time to travel to Waterloo to interview students. Missing interviews is unprofessional and deprives other students of interviews. It may also jeopardize the availability of future work term positions.

If unique circumstances require your absence at any time during the interview cycles, you should email the Information Centre, or call
519-888-4026. When missing an interview, you will be notified by e-mail.