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Interview schedules

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Checking interview schedules

  • Check your interview schedule on JobMine daily for updates.
  • Final interview schedules are set as late as one business day before the interview.
  • Ensure your Quest contact information is current.
  • Whenever possible, Co-operative Education will attempt to notify you via e-mail or phone about last minute schedule changes.

Interview selection

When you’re selected for an interview, you’ll have the option of choosing an interview time from any open time slots within the employer’s schedule.

To do this:

  1. Go to your Interviews page in JobMine.
  2. Click on Select/View Interview Time and choose an open slot. This is a first come, first served process.
  3. You can change your time slot for another open slot up to 11:59 p.m. two days prior to the interview date.
  • If you don’t choose a time slot, JobMine will automatically schedule you into one of the remaining times.

Be sure to read any instructions listed on the employer line of the Interviews page. Instructions provide additional information about the interview such as:

  • whether you should bring a sample of your writing to the interview
  • if there is an aptitude test prior to the interview
  • if the interview takes place off-campus

Interview for jobs to which you didn’t apply

Occasionally when you apply for a job, the employer may pass your application package to other supervisors if they think your skills match a different position within the same organization.

This could possibly result in you receiving an interview for a job to which you didn’t apply.

If this happens to you, and you have concerns, contact your student advisor (or a career advisor if you’ve not yet had a first work term).

Alternate application status

Employers are asked to identify students as alternate interviewees in case their selected interviewees become unavailable.

If you’re identified as an alternate:

  • your status with the employer shows as Alternate under Applications in JobMine
  • no action is required from you, but check JobMine daily to see if the Alternate status changes to Selected. If this should happen:
    • your Interviews page will show the employer and schedule
    • you’ll be assigned an interview time slot
    • CECA will attempt to notify you about last-minute interview changes that occur less than one day prior to your interview