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Signing off jobs​

What is the purpose of the job sign-off request?

  • You can express concerns about potential jobs you’ve been interviewed for. You must be the one to initiate the sign-off procedure.
  • Enables employers and Co-operative Education to address concerns.
  • Gives you the opportunity to avoid being matched with a job if you have legitimate reasons.

When can I sign off a job?

  • There isn’t a list of acceptable reasons to sign off a job, and sign offs are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Discuss your request with a career advisor by dropping in to the Centre for Career Action (in person at TC 1214 or by phone at 519-888-4047 to arrange a phone or Skype discussion).
  • Please bring your WatCard with you.
  • The outcome of the discussion depends on the case. Sign-off requests are approved only in rare cases. If your sign-off request is approved, CECA will inform the employer of your reason(s) should they inquire. 

When may I not sign off a job?

Sign-off requests aren’t approved if the information was available in the job description prior to applying.

Unacceptable reasons for signing off a job

  • Job description:
    • is clear and complete, but you simply didn’t read the job description prior to applying.
  • Job duties:
    • are slightly different from what was stated in the job description. Job descriptions are created months in advance, and it’s normal for slight changes to occur.
  • Salary:
    • When the salary is within the range of figures of average student earnings published by Co-operative Education, or when the job is located outside of Canada (in which case Canadian salary ranges do not apply).
  • Vehicle requirements/driver’s licence:
    • The job description says that you need your own transportation or at least a licence. In the case of a licence, you must be fully licenced and not just beginning, or part way through, the process.
  • Location:
    • of the job is clearly stated in the job description.
  • Length of work term:
    • is clearly eight months long, or a two-term commitment is stated as a request.

How do I request a sign off?

1. Complete and submit this Job Sign-off Request Form.

  • This form allows you to thoroughly describe your concern and reasoning for requesting a job sign-off.
  • Job sign-off requests must be submitted on the same day as the interview.

2. Meet with a career advisor in person to discuss your request (if you are in Architecture or Pharmacy, call the Centre for Career Action to speak with a career advisor rather than coming to the main campus).

  • For sign offs, do not schedule an appointment; instead, come directly to the Centre for Career Action (TC 1214) for a drop-in meeting.
  • Please bring your WatCard.
  • You may have to wait for a meeting, but the Centre for Career Action will be able to estimate the length of your wait. 
  • Your meeting with a career advisor cannot take place until you have submitted your completed form, but must take place as soon as possible. If the match for your interview has already taken place, you cannot be signed off the job. Submit your form and meet with a career advisor the day of your interview.  For interviews that finish after 4:30 pm, meet with a career advisor the next morning. If you do not meet with a career advisor by the end of the business day after your interview, or by the time the match takes place (whichever comes first), your sign-off request will be withdrawn.