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Signing off jobs

What is the purpose of the job sign-off request?

  • You can express concerns about potential jobs you’ve been interviewed for. You must be the one to initiate the sign-off procedure.
  • Enables employers and Co-operative Education to address concerns.
  • Gives you the opportunity to avoid being matched with a job if you have legitimate reasons.

When can I sign off a job?

  • There isn’t a list of acceptable reasons to sign off a job, and sign offs are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Discuss your request with a career advisor by dropping in to the Centre for Career Action (in person at TC 1214 or by phone at 519-888-4047 to arrange a phone or Skype discussion).
  • Please bring your WatCard with you.
  • The outcome of the discussion depends on the case. Sign-off requests are approved only in rare cases. If your sign-off request is approved, CECA will inform the employer of your reason(s) should they inquire. 

When may I not sign off a job?

Sign-off requests aren’t approved if the information was available in the job description prior to applying.

Unacceptable reasons for signing off a job

  • Job description:
    • is clear and complete, but you simply didn’t read the job description prior to applying.
  • Job duties:
    • are slightly different from what was stated in the job description. Job descriptions are created months in advance, and it’s normal for slight changes to occur.
  • Salary:
    • When the salary is within the range of figures of average student earnings published by Co-operative Education, or when the job is located outside of Canada (in which case Canadian salary ranges do not apply).
  • Vehicle requirements/driver’s licence:
    • The job description says that you need your own transportation or at least a licence. In the case of a licence, you must be fully licenced and not just beginning, or part way through, the process.
  • Location:
    • of the job is clearly stated in the job description.
  • Length of work term:
    • is clearly eight months long, or a two-term commitment is stated as a request.

How do I request a sign off?

Steps to request a sign off are available online