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Job application packages

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When applying to a job in WaterlooWorks, you submit an application package, which contains the documents below. Employers will request specific documents and you can only apply by submitting all required documents.


Co-op student record

Your Co-op Student Record is created in WaterlooWorks using your records from Co-operative Education. It contains:

  • your name,
  • student ID,
  • registration plan,
  • co-op work terms to date (work history),
  • and evaluation grades.

Your record is the first page of your application package. When applying for your first work term, your Co-op Student Record will not be included in your application package.


You’re responsible for the creation of your résumé and loading it into WaterlooWorks. You can submit a customized résumé for each job you apply for.

  • You can set a default résumé in WaterlooWorks. Ensure it isn’t targeted to a specific employer since it may be used to apply to various employers.
  • Technical support for uploading résumés to WaterlooWorks can be found on the WaterlooWorks student help pages.
  • For résumé writing resources, please visit the résumé how-to guide.

Unofficial grade report

Including your grades with an application package may be mandatory or optional (the 'Application Information' section of the job description in WaterlooWorks will list the required documents).

  • You will not be able to apply if you don't include all required documents
  • If grades are optional and you apply, you can select whether to include your grades.

Automatically releasing grades with co-op job applications complies with UWaterloo Policy 19.

Most employers want to see your academic performance and some are only interested in seeing the types of courses you have taken.

If you transferred into co-op from another university, you should add a page to your résumé that includes your final grades. Bring your transcript with you to the interview.

Grades will not be available in Quest until you have completed a term at Waterloo.

Cover letter

If you wish to include a cover letter in your application package, you can add it to WaterlooWorks.

Including a cover letter with an application package may be mandatory or optional (the 'Application Information' section of the job description in WaterlooWorks will list the required documents).

A well-written cover letter tells an employer:

  • more about you
  • why you're applying
  • your enthusiasm about the organization
  • your skills and experience

Please review steps to get hired, to learn helpful tips for writing cover letters.

Falsification of documents and credentials

The University of Waterloo and Co-operative Education have strict regulations and policies regarding the falsification of documents and credentials:

  • Don’t alter or delete any information contained on any University of Waterloo grade report, Co-op Student Record, or Employer Evaluation.
  • Don’t make false statements on your résumé or on any other documents contained in your application package or on your Waterloo business card.
  • Students found guilty of misrepresenting themselves on these documents may be suspended or expelled from the university.
  • All documents, submitted by co-op students as part of the job application process will be monitored by Co-operative Education to ensure their accuracy.

If you become aware of students who have falsified information contained in their application package, you may wish to notify, in confidence, either the: