A co-op term built on experience

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

by Jacqueline GergalPatricia Baranboski

“I was excited to arrive on-site and see all the progress that happened in my absence,” said Patricia Baranoski, a third-year Civil Engineering co-op student.

Returning as field engineer for her second co-op work term at PCL Construction, Baranoski joined the same project she had worked on previously at Market Mall in Calgary, AB. She started with no prior experience in the construction industry but quickly became an invaluable part of the team.

“One of the great things about being on site was getting to see the construction happen every day,” said Baranoski. Her job responsibilities included taking progress photos, updating tracking sheets and upholding high safety standards for the company. She conducted orientations for incoming visitors and participated in weekly safety inspections.

During her second co-op term, she was able to take on additional responsibilities and learn new skills. Baranoski handled the process for clients who requested changes for the project. She was able to resolve on-site issues independently and further advanced her knowledge by the end of her second term.

“Working with PCL brought projects from design concepts on paper to life, while managing schedules, costs and quality,” said Baranoski. “I really like the construction industry; I love being able to see a project take shape from a hole in the ground to a completed structure.”

Baranoski learned skills applicable to a variety of other jobs in her field. She plans to work at an architectural engineering consulting firm for her next co-op term.

For more information on PCL Construction, visit their website.