Inside sCo-op, Winter 2012, ed.2

Inside sCo-op cover page, Winter 2012, ed.2

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Features in this issue:

The students in this issue of the Inside sCo-op have stepped up to the plate
in their own ways, taking the initiative to make the most out of their co-op
work terms. Architecture student Simon McKenzie ventured outside of familiar
territory on his past two co-op terms, arranging his own jobs in India
and Denmark. He shares his tips for finding the perfect job - on your own.
Students at Desire2Learn make an impact closer to home- they work on the
LEARN software that all uWaterloo students use. Our six incredible co-op
students of the year worked in very different fields - from Great Lakes ecology,
to cancer research, to space robotics- but each made a big impact,
thanks to their dedication and passion. They went above and beyond all
expectations and have amazing accomplishments to show for it.


The Inside sCo-op is a bi-term student e-publication released through Co-operative Education and the Centre for Career Action at the University of Waterloo.

  1. Letter from the editor
  2. Co-op Student of the Year Award
  3. Desire2Learn, a co-op success story
  4. Co-operative Education & Career Action Co-ops
  5. Taking on the World
  6. Living the suite life


Editor and Creative Designer: Lindsay Kroes, Media & Publications Associate, CECA

Staff Editor: Olaf Naese, Communications Specialist, CECA

Contributer: Bronwyn Forbes, Housing and Residences

Photography: Jonathan Bielaski, Simon McKenzie, Bronwyn Forbes, Terrence Chin, Lindsay Kroes