Networking events to help you stand out

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

By Tharangi UthayakumarDiellza Neziri

How do you get the interview? The one for that job you’ve been dreaming of for so long? One way is to attend Employer Information Sessions (EIS) hosted throughout the term. Attending EIS allows you to set yourself apart from everyone else vying for the same job.

EIS are recruitment events hosted by the employers who want to hire University of Waterloo students. In order to understand the impact that EIS have, I met with Diellza Neziri, who helps facilitate EIS in her role as an events associate this term.

“I had never been to an Employer Information Session before working for Co-operative Education. My schedule never matched with ones I wanted to go to and I didn’t really go out of my way to make time for them,” says Diellza.

There’s more to EIS than simply being lectured about what the company is. Employers constantly innovate, making their EIS unique and enticing. No two EIS are hosted the same way. Previous employers have set up poutine bars or given out cool swag such as shaker bottles or even a chance to win tablets.

EIS are often organized and hosted by the company’s interviewers themselves. They travel hours to come to Waterloo to meet students like you. This is an excellent opportunity to break the ice, introduce yourself and make a strong first impression – all before the interview has even begun.

Your participation makes a big impact. One company even told EIS attendees they would review their résumés first, before the résumés of applicants who weren’t there. Employers want to hire someone interested in their company; making time to attend EIS despite a busy class schedule shows interest and enthusiasm.

“Now that I’ve been to some this term, I definitely see the benefit and plan to attend more of them when I’m looking for a job next term,” says Diellza.

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