RBC Student Ambassador, Jennifer Quan shares her co-op experience

Monday, November 12, 2018

We’d like to introduce Jennifer Quan, a co-op student who just finished two work terms at RBC. Returning as an RBC Student Ambassador representing the Campus Recruitment Brand, she shares her experience and some of what she learned through her co-op experiences.

“Doing two co-op work terms at RBC gave me the opportunity to test skills learned in classes and expand my knowledge in the world of banking,” Jennifer shares. “Before I started with RBC, I assumed the work environment would be very traditional. Little did I know I’d be greeted with an open-concept environment and even cereal on my first day!”

Home to one of Canada’s largest technology and operations divisions, Jennifer credits RBC’s unique approach to banking and diverse employee base as what helped her to challenge her views around banking and step outside her comfort zone, all while gaining valuable skills and experience.

Of all the things she learned from her co-op experience with RBC, here are three important takeaways Jennifer thinks all co-op students should know:

  1. Take risks and make mistakes
    Companies often encourage co-op students to step out of their comfort zone in order to take risks and try new things. “At RBC, I was told to ‘fail fast’ and learn something from each failure so that it would help me succeed the next time around,” Jennifer shares.
  2. Connections are important
    Networking within the workplace is a great way to expand your knowledge of an industry, learn from the success of others and continue to develop your professional network. While on her work terms, Jennifer was able to go to RBC’s events for students and employees where she could mingle with others from different departments. “This was a great way for me to meet managers and senior staff from different departments,” Jennifer claims. “I even got the brief opportunity to meet the CEO during one of the sessions I attended!
  3. Enjoy your work term
    No matter where you work, it’s crucial to enjoy the work that you do. “At RBC, there are monthly and annual events and competitions with prizes for employees to create some friendly rivalry,” says Jennifer. Bottom line: if the company is hosting a fun event for employees to take part in, go for it!

As a current RBC Student Ambassador, Jennifer is happy to answer questions about her experience with RBC. To learn more, email Jennifer at jennifer.quan@uwaterloo.ca!