Representing students in co-operative education

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

by Matt McTavish

Have you ever had a question about the initiatives being taken by Co-operative Education? Chances are a member of the Co-op Student Council (CSC) has brought it up for discussion. “CSC is designed to bridge the gap between Co-operative and Experiential Education, the Federation of Students (Feds) and students” say Hannah Beckett, Feds Co-op Affairs Commissioner. She describes her role as a “student advocate” in co-operative education.

Representatives of the various student societies and Co-operative Education are able to bring up concerns, perspectives and initiatives with one another. This collaboration allows them to receive direct feedback from all parties involved in the process. Students have a way to be heard by providing input on projects that make an impact on the experience of thousands of co-op students.

No issue is too small to discuss or too large to shy away from at CSC meetings. Topics can range from job metrics to new WaterlooWorks features. Every faculty’s concerns are taken into account. There is no disparity between staff and students, and everyone is on an equal playing field coming together to discuss co-op concerns for students.

One of the primary goals of CSC and Co-operative Education this year is to increase the transparency in communication. CSC is one of the most effective ways that the Co-op department is able to receive direct feedback from students. A big advantage is that there is no lengthy process to receive responses. Students instead receive direct, immediate answers to any questions they may have.

Learn more about the Co-op Student Council on their website or by contacting Hannah Beckett directly. If you have any questions about co-op at any time, you can contact your VP Academics in your faculty’s student society.