Water networking event makes a big splash

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kevin Boehmer - the Water Institute, David Stephenson -Natural Resource Solutions Inc., Nyssa Hardie - Natural Resource Solutions Inc.,  Elizabeth Kroonen – CH2M, Tom Woodcock – Ontario Water Works Association and Chantelle Bazowsky – Water Environment Association of Ontario

Kevin Boehmer of the Water Institute, David Stephenson of Natural Resource Solutions Inc., Nyssa Hardie of Natural Resource Solutions Inc.,  Elizabeth Kroonen of CH2M, Tom Woodcock of Ontario Water Works Association and Chantelle Bazowsky of the Water Environment Association of Ontario at the Water Industry Information and Networking Event.

By Naz Kittani.

Last week, some of the top water industry leaders across Ontario visited Waterloo to talk to students. The Water Industry Information and Networking Event brought Waterloo students, employers, and industry experts together to talk about careers in the water industry. Students were able to hear about opportunities, gaps and experiences in the industry from employer’s first-hand.

“We’ve heard from Waterloo students, that there is a strong interest in the water sector,” says Suman Armitage, Director of Communications & Marketing for Co-operative Education (CE). “We’re listening. At CE, we’re actively looking to develop more co-op opportunities in this area. This event was developed based on our students’ feedback.”

The event hosted a diverse roster of companies, including The Water Environment Association of OntarioCH2MNatural Resource Solutions Inc.The Ontario Water Works Association and Waterloo’s very own campus-based Water Institute. The night kicked off with presentations from the guest speakers on topics such as conservation, wastewater and drinking water.

Following the presentations was a Q&A session, giving students the opportunity to ask the employers their questions about the water industry. The event concluded with an hour of networking.

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