WaterlooWorks receives 200k+ job applications in first month

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Main round co-op interviews are officially underway in the Tatham Centre (TC). The halls of TC will be filled with thousands of students and employers for the next six weeks, with the highest volume of interviews taking place in the next four weeks.

This term also marks the first time most students and employers are using WaterlooWorks, the University’s new employment administration system that replaced JobMine in January. This is the first major system upgrade to the co-op employment process in 12 years.

“We’re one month in to WaterlooWorks being live and we’re happy with how the system has responded,” says Dianne Bader, director of operations for Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE). “It certainly hasn’t been perfect, but the team has been able to respond quickly to any issues. I want to thank students, staff and employers for their patience during this first term.”  

So far, the system has handled over 16,800 student logins and over 200,000 submitted job applications. Jobs posted for the spring 2017 term already have over a million views. Any technical irregularities have been quickly resolved by CEE, IST and Orbis Communications (the developer of WaterlooWorks) with minimal disruption to students and employers.

Bader says that the hard work and dedication of everyone involved on those teams is what has made this a successful launch so far. “Everyone has put in such an incredible effort – I’m really thankful for their commitment to this project, and we couldn’t have done it without them,” she says.

A feedback survey is available on the WaterlooWorks dashboard for users to provide suggestions on how to improve the system. CEE is committed to continuously improving the system and user experience for students, employers, staff and alumni.

“We’ve already received some great feedback and suggestions, which we really appreciate,” says Bader. “It’s helped guide decision making on what future enhancements we will roll out and when.”

For more information on WaterlooWorks or how to hire a co-op student, please visit Co-op’s employer website. Helpful tips and instructions for students and employers on how to use WaterlooWorks can also be found online.