Website launched for co-op fee transparency and updates

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Students want to know how their co-op fee is spent.

In July 2017, a project team was officially established to take a deeper look at the co-op fee (we're calling it a co-op fee "deep dive"). One of the project goals is to increase transparency around how the co-op fee funds are spent. This week, the project team launched a digital space for students to engage with for project clarity and updates.

“Increased student engagement and transparency has been one of my top priorities over the past year,” says Peggy Jarvie, associate provost, co-operative and experiential education. “This digital space provides status updates from the deep dive project team, showing what steps have been taken so far, and where we plan to go in future phases. It also answers some of the common questions we receive from students about their co-op fee, with an opportunity to provide their feedback online.”

The project is a joint effort between the Co-operative Education department and the Federation of Students. The digital space will be updated regularly, and students are encouraged to send any questions to the project team.