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Find a place to live

Find location-specific information and accommodations

  • Co-operative Education doesn’t arrange work term housing for you.
  • Please refer to Off-Campus Housing to find housing and accommodation information for the location of your work term.
    • Off-Campus Housing has listings for not only accommodations in Kitchener-Waterloo, but also out-of-town and international locations frequented by Waterloo co-op students.
    • They also have a classified section to help you find someone with whom to share a place to live.

Location-specific information

  • If you will be working in Waterloo Region, consider living in residence during your work term. Studies show that students who live in residence have a higher chance of success in their academic careers (Academica Group).

    For more information or to submit an online application, check out the Waterloo Residences website.

  • If you will have a job outside Waterloo Region, please view the location-specific information and accommodations for helpful resources for finding accommodations, transportation, and other things of interest.