The Ontario Human Rights Code protects you from harassment and discrimination.

The Ontario Human Rights Code states,

Every person who is an employee has the right to be free from harassment in the workplace.

Harassment refers to unwanted comments or conduct that negatively affects the work environment. Harassment includes:

  • unnecessary touching
  • leering or suggestive remarks
  • reprisal for rejection of sexual advances
  • explicit pin-ups and graffiti
  • degrading jokes and comments

If you’ve been harassed and/or discriminated against, don’t blame yourself or ignore the problem. Instead, you should:

  • Document the harassment (include dates, times, locations, witnesses and details of all incidents)
  • Inform your co-op advisor, a CEE harassment advisor (listed below), or University of Waterloo's Counselling Services department (519-888-4567 ext. 32655)
  • Inform your manager or a human resources representative from your organization
  • Resolve the conflict with the help of your co-op advisor or a harassment advisor

Current co-op harassment advisors at CEE are:

For more information on harassment in the workplace and what steps to take, visit the Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office's website.