Snow days, other closures, and pandemic procedures

Snow day closure

Snowstorms occasionally cause the university to close. When this happens, Co-operative Education & Career Action (CECA) also shuts down.

All interviews scheduled for that day are cancelled and postponed to another date. The new dates will appear on your JobMine Interviews page.

You can find out if the University is closed by doing any of the following (after 6:30 a.m.):

Other Closures

There may be other reasons that cause CECA to cancel and postpone interviews. In these cases, CECA will post notices on the website and if possible, attempt to contact students with scheduled interviews to explain the cancellation or postponement.

Pandemic guidelines and procedures

Pandemic instructions, guidelines, and procedures will be posted on this page, in the event of major disruptions, should an influenza pandemic strike occur. In the case of a pandemic event, check back to this page.

Pandemic resources