On this page, we will update you with enhancements that have been added to the system and student-facing bugs that have been resolved. We will continue to update this as changes occur.



Appointment bookings with the Centre for Career Action are now available within WaterlooWorks - this replaces the previous external booking system 2018-12-8
Student Grade Report - averages and academic decisions will not appear if marks are withheld/on hold 2018-12-8
A fix was implemented to solve the issue of the start and end date search criteria not working on the Graduating & Other Job Board 2018-12-8
A fix was implemented to solve the issue affecting a student's ability to unbook an interview time slot 2018-10-2
The Interview Conflict and Request to Withdraw Application (formerly Sign off) Forms were added to the form functionality 2018-9-17

Students now have the ability to find research designated jobs, and view work terms that have been approved as research designated jobs

A fix was implemented to correct the issue of a student's interview method details being cleared if they unbook and reschedule their interview 2018-8-28

A disclaimer was added the Work History report:

Disclaimer: This evaluation does not constitute an employment endorsement or recommendation. Employer evaluations of student contributions and achievements during the work term are conducted as part of the University of Waterloo’s Cooperative (Co-op) Education model. Like academic grades, overall evaluations are part of the assessment of a student’s progress in the co-op portion of their degree studies. These assessments are completed using criteria set out by the University, not the employer, and do not reflect the employer’s criteria or assessment metrics.


Form functionality was added to WaterlooWorks. The Arranged Own Job (AOJ) Form replaces the Job Information Form.

The Risk Management Form is also available within the system.

Additional forms to be added in the future.

Additional functionality was added allowing for the support of students interviews while off-campus (on a work term while recruiting, on an international work term while recruiting, on academic exchange while recruiting) 2018-7-30
A fix has been implemented allowing the ability to search for jobs expiring on a specific day 2018-7-30
A fix has been implemented to correct the issue of a student's application count decreasing incorrectly when a job deadline is extended. 2018-5-5
Job descriptions can now be printed after jobs have expired. 2018-5-5
A fix has been implemented to correct the issue of saved searches not working if the criteria included level or region. 2017-10-26

Links to some key help pages are now available from within WaterlooWorks. From the 'Co-op Jobs' (job search) page, students can find links to

From the 'Co-op Applications' page, students can find links to

Students can find the 'Co-op Applications' page by selecting the 'Postings/Applications' tab on their Dashboard, and then clicking the blue 'View' button on the 'Status of Applications - Applied' section. 

Changes have been made to the search results pages, to make more effective use of space, including a 'Hide Side Nav' button. This will continue to have more attention in the future.  2017-9-19
In place of the 'Location' search field, a 'Region' dropdown menu has been added to aid searching. Students can still use the 'Keyword' field to search for more specific locations (city, postal code). In addition, they can further refine results by level (junior, intermediate, senior) on the search results page. 2017-9-19
Students are now able to remove jobs from their shortlist regardless of whether or not that have applied for them. 2017-9-19
A 'Rankings' tab has been added to the dashboard to provide quick access to ranking information.  2017-9-19
Students may now view an interview schedule and the other candidates without surrendering their own time slot. The purpose of this change is to enhance students’ ability to resolve conflicts, not to see who/how many people they are competing against. 2017-9-19
Job search results can now be opened in a new tab. This can be accomplished by clicking the blue ‘View’ button on the job posting search result, then selecting ‘new tab.’ 2017-07-17
All links within WaterlooWorks have been made accessible to screen readers, in accordance with Ontario’s accessibility laws (i.e. no ‘Click Here’ links). 2017-07-17
The ‘Applied to’ quick search now displays only the jobs that students have applied to over their current term, instead of over all terms. 2017-07-17
In response to student feedback, the Employment statistics page has been updated for students to view employment data for their program/year. 2017-05-25
A 'Next' button has been included at bottom of page for all job posting search results. 2017-05-25

Interviews with employers who arrange their own interviews now appear in the ‘Interviews’ tab under ‘Message only interviews.’


Search results for 'Applied to' quick search have been updated to reflect only jobs applied to in the current job search term (i.e. Fall 2017), as opposed to all jobs ever applied to through WaterlooWorks.

Students can now add comments to their performance evaluations only after the employer has commented first. 2017-05-25
The 'Postings/Applications' tab has been updated to default to showing applications submitted within the current job search term (i.e. Fall 2017), as opposed to showing applications that have been submitted in a given number of days past. 2017-05-25
Searches can be saved for the user session using the ‘Save my search’ functionality. Students may navigate away from WaterlooWorks and still return to their saved search. 2017-05-01

Application package document order has been changed from:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Résumé
  3. Grade report
  4. Co-op work history
  5. Other – per job posting

The new application package document order is as follows:

  1. Co-op work history
  2. Cover letter
  3. Résumé
  4. Grade report
  5. Other – per job posting
The 'Back to Search Results' button that appears at the top right corner of student job search postings has been fixed and will now return students to their most recently submitted job search. 2017-04-27
Program names that exceed 50 characters are no longer cut off in unofficial transcripts or grade reports, and are now represented in their entirety. 2017-04-27