Student: Provide details about your work term

At various points in the term, you’ll be sent a WaterlooWorks message asking you to provide or update information on your work term record.

Navigate to the full list of forms using these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, click ‘View Work Term Record’ in the ‘Co-op Sequence Summary’ section

View work term record button

  1. Scroll down and select the appropriate form
  2. Click ‘Create Record’ or ‘Edit Record’
  3. Complete all the fields and click ‘Save’

To print any of the forms on your work term record, 

  1. Navigate to your work term record (from the dashboard for your current one, or by clicking 'Co-op' followed by the employer name in the Co-op Sequence' table
  2. Select the appropriate form and click the blue 'Print' button
Form timing and explanation
Form Name When to complete (note: you will get a message alerting you to complete the form) Purpose
Work term details At the start of the work term Provide and confirm basic information about your new job
My contact and travel info At the start of the work term Ensure CECA knows where and how to contact you throughout the work term
eCheckin Mid-way through the term Give CECA an indicator of how your work term is progressing
Performance evaluation Near the end of the term

Your supervisor will complete the majority of the form, but students are asked to review it and add comments after their supervisor has completed the evaluation

Work term recap At the end of the work term Discuss the completed work term and plans for the next work term

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