Co-op students walking the hallway at work

Contact with Co-operative Education while on your work term

Have a problem during your work term? First try to solve it through your supervisor. However, if your supervisor can't help you, use the 'Send A Message' button on your WaterlooWorks dashboard to connect with your advisor.

If you don't receive a response from your student advisor by the end of the next business day, call Co-operative Education, 519-888-4026 and your request will be directed to someone who can assist you.

Responsibilities while on a co-op work term

Apply learning objectives

  • While at work, focus on applying the learning goals and objectives you set for your work term.
  • Record your major work tasks, assignments, and accomplishments; doing so will help you stay organized and focused.

WatPD course

  • While on your co-op work term, you’ll take an online Professional Development (WatPD) course, which will help you develop your professional workplace skills, to make you a more valuable employee.
  • For more information, please visit WatPD.

Work report

  • You might also write a professional work report that relates to your employer.
  • The work report is a required part of your co-op degree designation and is submitted to your faculty or program department for grading.
  • Learn more about work reports.

Follow and comply with responsibilities and ethics

  • During your work term, you and your employer must comply with defined responsibilities and ethics.
  • For details, please visit co-op work term expectations and responsibilities.

Complete and submit work performance evaluation

  • At the end of your co-op work term, you, and your employer must complete and submit a work performance evaluation form, as part of your co-op credit.
  • Visit evaluations, to learn more about the performance evaluation.