Academic integrity and co-op

Co-op students in a meeting brainstorming

In order to maintain a culture of academic integrity, members of the University of Waterloo community are expected to promote honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

Academic integrity also applies to co-op and includes:

  • how you behave during the hiring process, through the job application, interview, and match process.
  • how you behave on work terms.

Academic integrity during the hiring process

  • Be prepared to accept any job you apply for and only apply to jobs you’re willing to accept.
  • Read job descriptions in detail and don’t apply if you don’t meet the requirements and expectations of the employer.
  • Once you apply, you commit yourself to take any interviews granted to you and any job matches or offers that result.
  • You may not avoid an interview because of dissatisfaction with job details that you would have been aware of when you applied.

Academic integrity on a co-op work term

You’re required to comply with:

If your conduct is not appropriate and falls under one or more offences listed under Policy 71: Student Academic Discipline Policy, you could receive one or more penalties, including:

  • a failed work term
  • delay in graduation
  • withdrawal from the co-op program
  • and/or being expelled from the University.